Taste Of Africa 2019

Taste of Africa ran into its 16th year and has become an annual key local event in the expression of African culture. Taking place at Middlesbrough town hall the showcase featured; Bantu arts, African drumming, Cultures Choir, traditional performances, traditional foods, the African Fashion show and youth talent. Taste of Africa highlights local talent and promotes social integration within the community.

Black History Youth Awards 2019

Black History Month is a celebration of the contributions of African/afro Caribbean people in the UK. Black History Month takes place over the month of October! Black History Month is a month set aside to learn, honour, and celebrate the achievements and resilience of black people currently and throughout history. This dedicated month has led to Cultures CIC creating events specifically targeted for these celebrations.

Black history month began with the ‘Cultures Choir’ musical showcase described as “A collaboration of cultures in the community”. This was a Fundraising event that was established with the purpose of bringing the community together! Featuring uplifting live showcase including solos, duets, dance performances and combined choir performances.

Artists from different backgrounds joined together in a celebration of black history month. Included vocal showcase from beloved local artists such as Khaki, Bre Musiq, Ty Lewis, Tariro, Valencia K, Frikhan and many more!


Cultures CIC is also hosed its 6th Annual Black History Youth Awards & Fundraising Dinner on October 18th 2019 at Middlesbrough Town Hall. The awards Ceremony recognizes the contributions of black youth in the community by celebrating their achievements which further promotes Positive role models for Black youth in Tees Valley. The event also supports our mentoring project “its you and me” which supports our ethos ‘it takes a village to raise a child’.


Africa in the Mall 2019

In continuation of the celebrations “Africa in the Mall” took place in Hillstreet Shopping Centre in the heart of Middlesbrough. Family friendly days showcasing original fashion inspired by African Caribbean culture in the centre of town. Each day uniquely featured the following; jewellery, arts and crafts, drumming workshops, clothing, traditional foods, head tying, dance and storytelling!



Sponsors 2019